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Linking schools

Swindon’s White Horse Federation of Schools encompasses 7 local primary schools with diverse catchment areas and socio economic profiles under one governing body. They enjoy a reputation for high performance and changing the fortunes of low performing schools by centralising management, administration and cost centres to concentrate on improving teaching and education.

Drove People’s Campus

Before the Federation was formed, Mark Weller (Network Manager at Drove Campus) looked into a new telecoms supplier for Drove Campus. STL Communications responded to the tender document and quoted for a new telephone system. Taking a consultative approach, STL put forward a proposal to rationalise and upgrade their telephone system and won the order over the incumbent supplier and two others. STL installed a Samsung 7200 system with IP telephones.


The relationship between Drove Campus and STL grew strong after a successful installation and working period so, when the federation was formed, Mark continued to work with STL to advise on a unified telephony system across all the schools in the Federation. STL has since installed new Samsung telephone systems in Mountford Manor, Nyland Campus, Rodbourne Cheney School and The Croft Primary School.

New build school

Swindon has a growing population resulting in a high demand for new school places and it is likely to see the development of a significant number of new schools in the next 5 years. The first was The Croft School, a brand new school which opened to reception children in September 2012. STL installed a Samsung telephone system at the new school and have ported the telephone number used by the management team during construction so that no calls were lost when the school opened.


All of the systems are linked via IP to other schools within the Federation which allows for free and easy communication between the schools, which in
turn provides flexibility and resilience.

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