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Inbound telephone numbers/virtual numbers

Inbound calls are critical to every business, so making it easy for customers to call you and to get through to the right department easily, helps create a good customer experience. Numbers can be routed to a destination of your choice ie a landline or mobile which can easily be changed via an online portal to give full control and flexibility.

Businesses can choose an inbound number to suit your individual requirements. A Non Geographic Number like an 0800 or 0845 number or a number not linked to your actual location ie a London number that rings in Oxford, means that you can appear to trade locally regardless of your location.

Our call management system allows you to set up call query and call announcements at network level and provides detailed reporting and call analysis to help you better manage your communications.

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This is a prestigious site for Speedy and STL’s project management and support has been outstanding. The system they have installed makes telephone usage easy for our clients and the management of the billing easy for us.


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