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Everything we do has an impact on the environment… and your business communications are no exception. STL’s unique GreenMinutes service provides end to end carbon neutral telephone calls across sustainable telephone networks at competitive call rates.

We operate sustainably and offset all the carbon emissions we generate as a business and through our telephone network by planting trees in the UK countryside to provide our customers with a genuinely green telephone service.

As an organisation with a green ethos, STL is passionate about helping you to do the right thing and raise your company’s level of corporate social responsibility

Below is a list of just some of the ways that we stay green.

– Changing our engineering vehicle fleet to cars using efficient diesel technology
– Supporting the Carbon Trust’s ‘Turn it off’ scheme for all equipment and lighting in the building
– Introducing paperless billing for all customers
– Electronic payment

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Eco features of GreenMinutes

STL’s GreenMinutes gives you a range of free eco features to help the environment:

– Free conference bridge service
– Electronic paperless billing
– Direct debit paperless payment
– Simple and secure remote access for home working
– Green technology

STL has made significant changes to our business procedures so that we operate in a more environmental friendly way, reflected in our ISO14001 accreditation.

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