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Whether you use a traditional PBX system over ISDN lines or the latest cloud-based hosted IP telephony solution, the handsets and functionality of a telephone system contribute to the operating efficiency of the organisation. STL offers a complete range of on-site telephone systems from small offices to large multi site enterprises.

Although traditional PBX telephone systems remain popular, many more businesses are now switching from traditional ISDN telephone lines to SIP trunks or hosted PBX services, routing all their voice calls over their data connection. Why? Because SIP and hosted can provide cost savings of up to 70% over ISDN as well as a host of other benefits that can make a business work more efficiently.

Find out how leasing your telephone system could help you take the next step with your system.

ISDN Switch Off

BT have stated they will be shutting off all ISDN lines from 2020 with the project to finish in 2025. This means businesses with ISDN lines will now be put under further pressure to move to either SIP or cloud hosted telephony. Learn more about the ISDN switch off.

Voice connectivity

STL can often reduce your overhead costs by reviewing your line usage and call traffic to make sure that you have the correct number of lines that your business requires and that they are being used effectively.

Moving from ISDN lines to SIP trunks can save businesses up to 70% on line rental and reduce call costs by using your data connection for voice.

STL offers highly competitive rates, flexible contracts and inclusive call packages on lines from carriers such as Gamma and BT, including local, national, international, mobiles and calls to non-geographic numbers. 

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