Staying Secure

No business can afford to ignore security

IT infrastructure and data needs to be strong, secure and compliant so that your business is protected against potential cyber threats, data breaches and disasters. Get this wrong and your business stops running.

STL can ensure you have business continuity tools and support in place to keep your business protected.

How we can help?

Cyber Security

The world of cyber security and data breaches has changed, with every business now a potential target. SME’s represent just under 50% of cyber-crime victims, often targeted as they are perceived to be vulnerable to attack due to lack of experience, knowledge or investment in keeping secure – hoping it doesn’t happen to them. With attacks becoming more sophisticated and frequent, it’s crucial for your business to remain compliant and be equipped to deal with cyber threats.

Antivirus & Firewall

Connectivity is the lifeblood of any business – from your employees accessing systems to customers transacting online with you. With this increased traffic and reliability on connectivity, it’s no surprise that unless protected, businesses are exposed to risk of security breach or threat of a virus.

Data Back Up

Never before has effective data management been so important, as exponential amounts of data are continuously generated throughout the organisation. Whilst businesses understand the importance of collating and storing data, the business costs of losing access to this data or losing access all together are often overlooked. It’s essential that if the worst happens, that your data is protected, secure and backed up.

Disaster Recovery

Unexpected disruption to a business can cause chaos, and unfortunately disaster of this nature is unpredictable. It’s vital that when the worst happens, that you have business continuity plans in place so that your business and mission-critical processes face minimal disruption.

Staying Secure in action - a case study

It’s not worth the risk

STL can help your business remain secure and compliant:

  • Protect your business from cyber-crime
  • Ensure data is secure and backed up
  • Defend against security breaches
  • Business continuity plans
  • Disaster recovery

Ensure your business has the right security solutions in place to guarantee business resiliency and provide peace of mind.

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