STL Connect.
An always on network: scalable, agile, and resilient.

Running a business today is complex and challenging as customer demands increase and technology evolves at pace.

Modern businesses now require a network that is fast, flexible and capable of supporting a whole infrastructure of hosted services and applications. As businesses become increasingly cloud based, it is putting a greater strain on traditional business networks that are no longer capable of meeting these dynamic new demands. Manual configuration, labour and time intensive and costly. There is a better way to be connected.

So how can STL Connect
help your business?

STL Connect is a network that is fully automated, allowing control at your fingertips through the customer portal. With real time bandwidth changes, it allows users to increase and decrease bandwidth on demand whilst the management of all network adds, moves, changes and upgrades are automated though the portal. It is simple, gives greater control and is mobile, scalable and resilient. This type of networking architecture encompasses a variety of complex technologies that:

Quickly meets customer demands

Tiered SLA – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum

Reduces operating costs and hardware expenses

Reduces human error through automation

Centralised security

Why STL Connect?

Through the customer portal order requests are automated and can be made and fulfilled in minutes.

Users are also able to upgrade and downgrade bandwidth support according to the business requirement, making it scalable on demand and agile to change. Business network connections made smarter, with STL Connect – transforming the way you work.

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