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Cloud Compute

Moving your IT to the Cloud is not as difficult as stereotypically believed. The UK Cloud adoption rate is currently at a phenomenal 88% with 67% of the users expecting to increase their adoption of Cloud services over the coming year. Businesses are only using of their On site infrastructure. Cloud Compute grew by 34.4% in 2016 and will continue to grow as more and more businesses look to implement more and more scalability to deal with flexible working as well as business continuity.

Cloud Computing is the new model for business IT. It provides businesses with the ability to access on-demand computing and power, data storage and other IT resources via the internet. Unlike the traditional IT model that requires you to buy and manage your own servers and on site infrastructure, cloud computing means that you only pay for what you actually need.

The Setbacks of Legacy IT

Businesses with legacy on site IT infrastructure can potentially struggle to keep up with new applications and content as their existing infrastructure may not offer adequate capacity and performance. Common setbacks of legacy infrastructure include:

– Lack of flexibility

– High purchase and maintenance costs

– Technology obsolescence

– Inability to scale

– Increasing failures

– Fractured operations

– High admin overheads

The Benefits of Cloud Compute

Considering the challenges posed by owning and managing on-site IT and server infrastructure, it’s no surprise that the current overall cloud adoption rate in the UK is an enormous 88% and 67% are expecting to increase their adoption of cloud services over the coming year.

The key benefits of Cloud Compute are:

– More flexibility

– Open to EVERY organisation with internet access

– Much more resilient

– More value from IT staff

– Lower prices

– No capital expenditure

– Lower total cost of ownership

However, not all Cloud solutions are equal! Get in touch below to find out how your business could benefit from the STL Cloud – our services can be tailored specifically to ensure you get the most out of your Cloud Compute solution.

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