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Cloud Back Up

Why Does Your Business Need Cloud Back Up?

Cloud Back Up puts your data into a remote, cloud based online storage that never goes offline, removing any possibility of losing your data. Cloud Back Up replaces file storage on individual machines or in-house servers as well as removing the need to regularly back up data onto an external hard drive and the associated risks of safe storage.

Data is irreplaceable and without a data back-up plan, your whole business could be in danger. Data can be lost through data leakage, hardware failure, user error, accidental deletion and viruses as well as theft, flood or fire. Statistics show that 60% of SMBs put the cost of downtime for critical applications at £15,000-£75,000, making Cloud Back Up a sensible precaution for your peace of mind.

With Cloud Back Up your files and data are automatically saved onto a secure and resilient cloud infrastructure storage facility in the UK. It is managed in-house via an online portal which allows you to schedule when the backups take place.

Storing backed up files in the cloud ensures your data is safe no matter what happens at your premises. In the event of a disaster such as fire, flood or theft destroying your onsite hardware, your data is safely stored offsite in the cloud. Cloud Back Up gives you the confidence that your files are always there should you ever need them and that restoring data is quick and easy via the portal.

Cloud Back Up does not require any capital expenditure as you only pay for your storage requirements on a monthly basis, providing a cost-effective solution for business. It is easily scalable, so if you grow you can easily add more storage as and when required.

The remote, off-site storage provided by Cloud Back Up helps ensure your data remains safe 24/7/365.

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