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Cloud Back Up

Why Do You Need Cloud Back Up?

Cloud Back Up removes any possibility that you’ll lose your data. Either through user errors, data leakage, hardware failure, viruses etc. Considering nearly 60% of SMBs put the cost of downtime for critical applications at £15,000-£75,000 which could consist of: lost information value, staff downtime and associated business running costs, lost sales time, impact to reputation and IT department productivity.

Cloud Back Up is set to take up 13% of SMB Cloud Budget and is the no.1 Cloud service to be implemented by IT professionals in the next 6 months. This is understandable considering the value of a data loss is set between £15,000-£75,000. It’s safe to say the consequences of a data loss are certainly not worth the risk.

Once your data is set up in the Cloud it’s all self-serve and easy to manage with our online portal. Simply add more storage as and when you need. It couldn’t be easier!

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