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Working in the cloud

The cloud is simply when the physical location of your IT server is held remotely in a data centre rather than your office. Users can access their files using the Internet from wherever they are.

Your data is held safely, securely and accessibly and all files are updated instantly.

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Read more about Cloud Compute in our blog.

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The benefits of cloud computing

– Easy budgeting: You pay per user, per month so can use operating expenditure rather than capital expenditure
– Reduced cost of ownership: No servers to buy, maintain and replace
– Disaster recovery: Your data is stored on someone else’s server, not on your site so it is safe should the unexpected happen
– Flexibility: A system that grows as you do – it’s easy to add more users
– Multiple locations: Seamless IT across your organisation, wherever people are working from
– Safely stored in the UK: Our data centres are in the UK and, with 24/7 security, are usually better protected than servers located on your site

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