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Wi-Fi Connectivity For Your Business

The modern workplace has changed and businesses of all sizes are now reliant on a stable, fast Wi-Fi connection. The increase in mobile working and the use of laptops has led to the demise of desktop computers and the increased need for on demand, instant internet access in offices from SME’s to large enterprise organisations.

Businesses need to provide Wi-Fi for staff and guests to connect via mobile phones, laptops, tablets and, in an attempt to remove wires, even desktops. Wi-Fi enables users to connect to the internet almost anywhere, not just where there is a wired internet connection.

Hotels, restaurants, shops and entertainment venues all need a reliable and secure guest Wi-Fi solution in order to provide service levels expected by customers. The same applies to offices of all sizes, where staff and visitors expect to be able to connect to Wi-Fi to work, to communicate and to keep productive.

Wi-Fi = Wireless connectivity

The main advantage of using Wi-Fi technology is the lack of physical wires. Which means that a Wi-Fi network is particularly useful where wiring is not possible, is unacceptable or just anywhere where Wi-Fi connectivity is required. Wi-Fi can be used by multiple devices at the same time to connect to the internet and the cloud, for emailing, instant messaging and social media as it is increasingly used for voice calls.

Wi-Fi coverage

Wi-Fi needs to work in all parts of a building and to be fast at all times of day. Organisations demand a Wi-Fi network that ensures coverage and capacity, based on their specific usage requirements and the number of users. In addition, the size of premises, construction type and layout can have also an effect on the Wi-Fi signal and so a Wi-Fi network should be built around a business’s individual needs.

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