Fast business broadband – a connectivity essential not a luxury

High speed broadband and strong connectivity are no longer luxuries but necessities to help you and your employees stay connected as the digital economy continues to evolve.

High-speed business-grade connectivity with guaranteed SLAs is now absolutely essential for all businesses of all sizes. It provides fast access to the web, cloud storage, apps, email and voice and is key to keeping business flowing. Your staff need instant access to the internet and to servers in order to do their jobs, whether they are office-based or work remotely.

STL offers a range of high-speed broadband and data connectivity solutions from ASDL, FTTC and Ethernet to wireless broadband. In addition, all STL broadband and Ethernet data services are supplied ‘voice-ready’ and can be used for any VoIP requirement either now or in the future.

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The key thing is our broadband is now business grade that allows voice and data which is what businesses need in today’s digital economy.

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