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Be Ready For Whatever Comes Next

The pandemic has been a tough, real-life stress test and changed the landscape irreversibly.  With no normal to return to, businesses of every size and sector have adapted to different ways of working and re-evaluated operations.

It really has changed everything – from how work gets done to how we communicate and collaborate, highlighting both opportunities and efficiencies as well as risk and vulnerabilities.

As we move forward into unchartered territory, it’s vital to equip your business with the sustainable technology needed to be resilient and ready for whatever comes next.

How we can help?

Changed Communication

There has been a radical change to the way we communicate.  Customers now have increased digital expectations across every channel: web, phone, online, in person, expecting a seamless, quick and personalised experience, and employees want to communicate and collaborate using smart and intuitive tools based on the latest smart technologies.

Collaboration tools – chat, video, sharing data

Cloud telephony – scalable and flexible functionality wherever you are

Contact centre – improved customer experience

Keeping Secure

When businesses had to quickly adapt to remote working without the traditional detailed planning, this created new opportunities for cyber criminals – with increased data breaches, phishing scams, viruses and ransomware

Data back-up, firewalls and remote monitoring – keeping your data and systems secure

IT support – ensuring staff are trained on best practices

Subscription Economy

In the last 12 months, how consumers and businesses pay for professional services has faced a radical reshape.  They are looking for more flexibility and better value for money in order to boost efficiency and manage their business in a smarter way.

As-a-service solutions are subscription based, with monthly/per user pricing that can be scaled according to need.

IaaS (infrastructure as a service) – high speed, reliable and flexible connectivity

SaaS (software as a service) – collaboration tools: email, video, chat (Windows 365)

PaaS (platform as a service) – cloud telephony, data back up and storage

Hybrid Office

Many businesses will continue to adopt flexible working structures with a combination of remote and office working.   This hybrid style office will rely heavily on having in place and maximising the right combination of technologies to enable every member of the workplace.

Tech-as-a-service – providing the latest equipment/hardware for your employees on a subscription basis

Cloud telephony – business telephony working the same whether you are in the office or at home

Collaboration tools – chat, video, sharing documents and data

Technology Reliant

Every business has experienced an accelerated adoption and increased reliance on communication and technology.  More and more elements of day-to-day business are now reliant and dependent on that technology working and working well, and want to ensure that their investment in this area will help the business work smarter and faster whilst being sustainable for the future.

Super-fast, reliable connectivity – flexible and scalable infrastructure that your business can depend on

IT support – providing guidance, support and help to the business as and when you need it

Be Ready Case Study

Be Ready. Equip your business with the sustainable technology needed to be ready for whatever comes next

The business landscape has changed and familiar playbooks and proven approaches are now outdated.  As the workplace adjusts and customers demand more, the need for better communication and collaboration has never been more prevalent.  It’s vital to have the right IT and communications in place to allow your business to not only operate at an optimum level but to provide peace of mind that it is able to adapt, flex and scale when needed.

  • Be operational 24/7.  Be productive anywhere.  Protect what matters most.
  • Enable business as usual and business resiliency with IT and communications.
  • Be ready and mitigate disruption when change happens.

IT & Communications will be able to support SMEs in responding to these challenges, in particular by allowing them to be more flexible and reducing the need for human interaction wherever possible, while also setting them up to innovate and grow through the pandemic economy and beyond.

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