Introducing the
Agile Workplace

The Importance Of Agility in the Future of Work

The Agile Workplace, where remote workers can work anywhere, anyhow, via any device collaborating seamlessly over any platform.

Mobile and remote working isn’t a trend, it’s a new reality, and those that plan and implement it will reap the rewards.

  • Is your business able to provide flexibility to the workforce and increase efficiency and production?
  • What are you plans to ensure your ever-growing data is transparent, secure and easily accessible?
  • Operationally are you able to scale up and down to meet growing customer demands across their channel of choice?
  • Are you effective in managing your business systems and processes, having full budgetary and management control?
  • Do you have intelligent processes and systems in place that allow you to work and adapt quickly, effectively and competitively?

How we can help?

Connectivity underpins everything

In a cloud-centric world, connectivity is the heartbeat of every business. From VoIP to accessing the cloud, the benefits of flexible working, improving digital marketing and enhancing the customer experience mean that a reliable, secure and flexible connection is a necessity for the future.

  • Super-fast, reliable and secure full fibre connectivity
  • Broadband
  • WiFi
Staying Secure

Benefit from the Cloud and help safeguard your business, its finances, data and customer information, keeping you backed up and secure from any potential disaster or threat.

  • Firewalls
  • Anti-virus
  • Cloud back-up
Hosted Cloud Telephony

A complete business phone system that provides businesses with extensive fixed and mobile telephony capabilities, that enables a business to take exacting control of their telephony.

  • Resides in the cloud rather than the office
  • Users access the system through IP handset or softphone – a screen based virtual phone with headset
  • Calls are made/received over the network and routed to PSTN fixed and mobile devices
Collaboration Tools

Connect employees and customers to the people and information they need to improve productivity and transform collaboration, securely from anywhere with any device.

  • Video conferencing, shared data and files
  • Remote Worker Laptop & Mobile SIM
  • Productivity Tools M365
IT Help, Support & Procurement

Technology plays a crucial role in the running of your business from infrastructure to security. For it to work successfully it requires regular monitoring, reviews, maintenance and upgrades to stay aligned with the changing needs of your business.

  • IT Break Fix Support
  • Virtual IT Team
  • Procurement of New Technology

Agile Workplace Case Study

At the heart of operations

It's time to have a broader conversation about the future of work

No matter how you slice it, we’re at the precipice of a landmark shift in work norms on many frontiers — where we work, when we work, even how we work. And if the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we must remain agile and flexible through it all.

It’s time to rip off the Band-Aid and explore how to make remote work effective and sustainable long term.

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