Worton Park

Tenants can save up to 50% by using a leased line for their voice and data communications.

Worton Park

Rural broadband solution

Worton Park is a small office park situated just off the A40 between Oxford and Witney. It is home to a hub of businesses that operate from the restored farm buildings as well as being a successful wedding venue, conference centre and organic farm. The Cotswold stone office suites nestle comfortably between farmland and paddocks and create an unusual and unique office environment, but getting fast enough broadband connectivity to this rural location had become an issue.

Frustrated tenants

Despite being based within easy access of the A40, the broadband connectivity was poor, which was proving to be a disadvantage when encouraging new businesses to re-locate. The attractiveness of the rural setting was offset by connectivity issues and the need to use cloud computing, VoIP, data and voice communications. In addition, existing tenants were becoming frustrated with the slow broadband speeds for everyday business tasks.

Worth the wait?

Despite Oxfordshire County Council signing a £14M deal with BT to provide rural broadband, many areas of the county will still have a 2 year wait and many rural areas are not within the plan. Moreover, there is a concern that the BT provision is in not necessarily the most suitable solution for business use.

Best for business

STL installed a privately funded high capacity fibre optic 100MB leased line with fibre optic cabling infrastructure across the Park. The business grade uncontended bandwidth enables businesses based at Worton Park to run VoIP, SIP trunking, hosted telephony, hosted data applications and cloud computing across high speed internet connections

Living in a data hungry world

In this data hungry world the ability to run cloud computing is a major consideration for businesses when they decide to re-locate. To be based in the country and yet offer faster broadband than many urban areas is a key benefit for rural business parks like Worton. Business park owners split and sell the leased line to their tenants who can save up to 50% by using this type of service for their voice and data communications.

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