Samsung Electronics

The staff at STL are always of a high calibre from management to sales people, engineers and the back room team.

Samsung Electronics

Unrequited trust

Samsung Electronics is one of the world’s leading electronics companies with telecommunications accounting for almost 30% of their business. STL has been selling Samsung telephone systems for 15 years and now enjoys Samsung Platinum Partner status, which reflects the the understanding and trust that has been built between the two companies. Such is the confidence that Samsung has in STL, they use STL to maintain their internal telephone systems in the UK.

New IP phones

STL recently installed new IP phones for over 750 users at Samsung Electronics Head Office in Chertsey. The system and the handsets were a brand new model and with the installation being pre-release, STL engineers undertook a 2 week training course prior to the installation itself to learn about the new technology before they installed the system. The installation process and the transition to the new system went smoothly with STL also providing training for all the users for the new IP phones.


As a result of the success of the installation by the STL team, they were also awarded the contract to maintain the system. Providing rapid response to faults and enquiries, STL’s in-house customer service department provides a prompt and efficient service. It is often able to diagnose and remedy problems remotely, ensuring that business continues at Samsung without interruption.

Platinum Partner

Peter Law, UK Sales Manager of Samsung Electronics, Network Division commented, ”STL Communications holds the highest level of accreditation from Samsung – that of being a Platinum Partner. This accreditation is audited on an annual basis and STL has consistently kept their standards high to achieve this status every year since its foundation.”

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