Hexagon Business Centres

Hexagon Business Centres

In order to attract new tenants we have to offer the very latest in enterprise communications for both voice and data.


Tenant magnet

Hexagon Business Centres in Witney is home to over 70 small and growing businesses.These businesses benefit from having flexible serviced office space on easy in, easy out licences. Tenants moving in require the very latest in voice and data communications as soon as they arrive and the centre management needs to be able to manage billing for each in-house tenant.

IP telephony

Hexagon invested in IP telephony for the two centres in Witney and beyond to their virtual tenants. This system allows tenants to work anywhere and everywhere using a softphone application on laptops or tablets . There is also an option for tenants to pair their mobiles with their desk phone to always be connected.

Fast broadband

Each office needs fast broadband connectivity as well. Hexagon’s management team can now provide tenants with some of the fastest broadband speeds available in the town through STL. Hexagon can deliver uncontended broadband over a leased line for continuous quick broadband.

Virtual numbers

Hexagon also wanted to provide tenants with the opportunity to have area codes other than just a Witney code so they can appear to be located where they are not. This is particularly important for virtual tenants who may not be based locally, but use Hexagonʼs telephone answering service.

Easy billing

The centre management needed to have a simple system for producing individual bills for tenants and virtual tenants for their broadband, lines and calls each month. STL proposed Oakʼs call management and billing system, which enables Hexagon to produce itemised bills for each in-house tenant.

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