GreenMinutes ticks all the boxes because it is carbon neutral and it reduces costs.


3 in 1: Carbon phoneprint offset, costs saved and bills simplified

In order to respond quickly to customer requests, voice and data communications are a key part of Elliott’s customer service. Elliott asked STL to help them simplify their telephone systems across their sites and to provide them with cost savings.

Elliott is the UK’s leader in relocatable accommodation including portable cabins, modular buildings, secure storage, portable toilets, temporary kitchens, temporary fencing and fast track building solutions provided from locations throughout the UK.

Immediate cost savings

Following an overview of Elliott’s systems and lines, STL recommended that they install a VOIP linked telephone system to cut out all inter site call charges. With VOIP, normal telephone calls (and video) are digitally transferred and routed over data networks, such as the Internet, a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN). With 21 Elliott sites using this system, STL was able to demonstrate an immediate saving in call charges. The customer service element was enhanced with voicemail, call recording and call centre functionality to ensure that Elliott continue to excel in customer care.

Simplified billing

STL was able to simplify Elliott’s entire systems, lines and calls into one simple online bill. STL’s Onebill brings together all the costs for the entire telephone network, including call charges, so that costs can be managed more easily. STL OneBill is designed especially for each individual client and the electronic invoice and copies can be sent to anyone in the Elliott organisation.

Helping the environment

Elliott was keen to sign up to STL’s GreenMinutes to help redress the eco balance by offsetting the carbon phoneprint and benefiting from other environmentally friendly features. With GreenMinutes every second counts because the carbon cost of each telephone call is calculated and goes to support an important environmental project. In addition, as part of the GreenMinutes scheme, Elliott has free audio conferencing, meaning that their employees do not have to travel to central meetings, saving not only on the carbon costs of travel but also time.

An Elliott spokesperson commented, ‘Elliott is working towards making a significant commitment to carbon reduction, so GreenMinutes ticks all the boxes because it is carbon neutral and it reduces costs. GreenMinutes is an excellent idea and Elliott is delighted to be an early adopter.’

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