Mercedes GP Petronas

Mercedes GP Petronas

There are a number of critical areas where IT could impact the performance of the car by failing to deliver information to the right people at the right time. STL understands our requirements perfectly  and is able to bring us innovative IT solutions combined with outstanding service.

Mercedes AMG Petronas

Winning ways with communications

MERCEDES GP PETRONAS relies heavily on its IT and communications infrastructure to deliver leading edge performance on the track. With a requirement to support the team’s race and test functions around the globe from the team’s headquarters in Brackley, MERCEDES GP PETRONAS was looking for a communications solution that offered the latest technologies, flexibility and resilience.

Relationship building
STL has supplied voice & data communications to the team for over a decade, from its Honda days to last year’s World Championship winning Brawn GP team, so has a good understanding of the team’s requirements and a track record of delivering solutions.

STL installed a converged communication network with IP telephony that will also be used by the race teams remotely, improving mobile communications. IP telephony also enables the five buildings at the team’s 86,000sqm headquarters, to be viewed as a single, multiple-site operation with centralised administration, increasing the efficiency and speed of employee communication, whilst also reducing the team’s communication costs by up to 30%.

Communications from afar
To support the team at races, the Avaya system is required to meet the mobile working needs of up to 45 travelling team members, who are now able to utilise broadband IP telephony with an Avaya softphone. This functionality greatly reduces the waiting time and the costs involved in setting up multiple phone lines at each circuit whilst improving the accessibility of key personnel.

Flexible solution
The system provides centralised management across the Operations Centre, with the flexibility for future growth and sophisticated disaster recovery capabilities. With hot desking and enhanced remote working functionality offered by IP telephony, the system can flex easily to the demands of the organisation as it morphs over time, ensuring that all members of the team benefit from better communications, wherever they are in the world.

Single supplier solution
By using STL for all its communication needs, MERCEDES GP PETRONAS benefits from minimised administration and improved support across its entire communications infrastructure as well as increased efficiency backed by reduced communication costs.

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