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What’s on the STL Horizon?

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What’s On The STL Horizon?

For many firms, having little in-house control over the configuration of their telephone system is a real frustration. With STL Horizon businesses have in-house control of their fixed and mobile telephony via an easy-to-use web portal. Using this online portal administrators can manage and configure the system according to the business’s exact needs and, what’s more, employees can manage their calls easily and effectively.

STL Horizon is a fully-hosted telephone system delivered over an internet connection meaning that calls are made and received over a broadband connection and routed to fixed and mobile devices.  It is suitable for any size of organisation from small firms to large businesses and is particularly suitable for those with more than one branch or that has remote workers.

How can STL Horizon benefit a business?

– Empower staff with one number everywhere
– Business continuity solution – hosted service with no hardware onsite
– Provides a range of useful features that users can easily control
– Facilitates home, remote and flexible working
– Flexibility with non-geographical telephone numbers
– New features and upgrades are installed as soon as they are released
– Pay per seat on a monthly basis for easy cash flow and budgeting
– Save costs with competitive on-net rates over a business grade network
– Connect multiple sites easily and cost-effectively using one system
– Transfer calls to different branch locations and mobiles
– Integration with CRM systems and corporate phone directory
– Improved customer service delivery with call management and reporting features
– Scale easily as firms grow

Boost your business’ voice communications

A hosted system like STL Horizon provides a huge range of call management features through a simple online interface which enables an organisation’s entire telecommunications to be easily managed. For businesses looking for simple, in-house control of their telecommunications, a hosted system like STL Horizon is the answer.

To find out more about the benefits of STL Horizon, call 01993 777120 or

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