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Twin Town Heroes

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Twin Town Heroes

STL played a key role in the 2018 Twin Town Challenge, a charity car rally to Le Touquet. The event was organised by STL’s MD Brendon Cross; over 10 staff volunteered as scorers, the competition director, marshals, challenge makers, drivers and mechanics; and a team of 4 from the finance department drove one of the £500 cars.

On Friday 25th May 2018, one hundred cars costing less than £500 each departed from Blenheim Palace and headed to Le Touquet in northern France on the Twin Town Challenge 2018. Over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend, the teams completed a number of fun points based challenges to raise money for Charlbury-based charity SpecialEffect.

The theme was ‘the movie’s and the STL team were dressed as Harry Potter characters, driving a £500 car with an owl on the spoiler and a golden snitch on the aerial. During the weekend teams had to film a well-known scene from a film and record a car pool karaoke song.

Twin Town organiser and founder, Brendon said, “The sight of 100 cars, 400 people in movie-themed fancy dress, not to mention over 50 volunteers, as they headed off to France was quite a sight to behold. Once in Le Touquet they enjoyed a fabulous programme of events including a day at Abbeville circuit and a street party with live bands.”

All the costs of the event were covered by sponsorship, which means that every pound paid in entry fees as well as the fundraising by the teams goes straight to the charity.

The Twin Town Challenge has been a real game changer for SpecialEffect. Most importantly, the charity has already benefitted from the £500,000 raised by the Twin Town Challenges in 2014 and 2016 but this support escalated as the contacts made on the Twin Town Challenge brought wider gains, as Dr Mick Donegan, founder and CEO of SpecialEffect, explains,

“The legacy of each Twin Town Challenge always continues to blossom long after the event itself. We are entirely dependent on donations to carry on our work, so events like this are our lifeblood. We cannot thank the organisers and the Twin Town community enough for their passion and generosity.”

SpecialEffect offers people with complex physical disabilities the opportunity to have a better quality of life by matching, modifying and creating a wide variety of personalised technology to lend to them, opening up new worlds of fun, creativity and communication.

Funds from the Twin Town events have been crucial in enabling SpecialEffect to establish a games room for people with disabilities to visit, to buy new vehicles and to take on more specialist staff to meet the rapidly growing demand for their support and services.

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