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Fraud seminar sets business owners worrying

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Fraud seminar sets business owners worrying

Oxfordshire businesses were suitably concerned as they left a recent seminar on preventing fraud at work. The seminar which was held at Eynsham Hall and was hosted jointly by NatWest, STL Communications and the MGroup, focussed on fraud awareness and prevention.

Philip Donigan of STL described to delegates how dial through telephone fraud is costing UK businesses thousands of pounds each year as more companies fall victim to criminals hacking into their telephone systems and dialling international premium rate telephone numbers that run up phone bills into the thousands of pounds. The liability for PBX fraud or dial through telephone fraud as it is sometimes called, sits squarely with the end-user and often the first a business knows of it is when an abnormally high monthly bill arrives for payment.

With telephone fraud on the increase, Philip explained how businesses can prevent phone fraud and offered advice on how business can protect themselves. Dial through telephone fraud can happen to any organisation, but taking a few simple steps can limit the risks and the consequences of a system hack.

Sarah Grant, a NatWest Fraud Analyst, explained the fraud and cyber threats that businesses may face and what steps they can take to protect themselves. Ian Walker of the MGroup focussed on how strengthening financial systems can reduce fraud and have a positive effect on business viability, sharing his experiences in helping clients avoid, react and deal with the outcome of internal and external fraud.

For further information on how to protect your business from phone fraud, contact or call our specialist fraud team on 01993 777120.

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