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STL launches Cloud Compute

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STL launches Cloud Compute

STL has launched a new cloud service product called Cloud Compute which enables businesses to run their normal business applications on virtual servers rather than via on-premise servers or data centre hosted servers.

What is Cloud Compute?

Cloud Compute is termed as an ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ (IaaS) whereby a business does not own, manage or maintain any of the underlying hardware so they manage their applications without the resources needed to support the applications themselves. By removing server operation and support from within an organisation’s IT budget leads to a reduced overall spend on IT.

Initially hosted servers were popular only with large businesses, but using virtual servers in the cloud is fast becoming the norm for small and medium sized businesses.

Benefits of Cloud Compute

– No costly up front Capex expenditure
– Opex model ie you only pay for what is used per month so costs are predictable for easy budgeting and forecasting
– Fixed monthly fee, including all server, storage, firewall and network charges
– Provides inherent physical and virtual security benefits with in-built resilience
– Allows your IT team to focus more on core business issues rather than server hardware
– Platform can be easily scaled up and down as required
– 24/7/365 pro-active monitoring

In addition, STL’s Cloud Compute team can offer an optional audit to ensure what is built is sized appropriately and configured correctly and we offer assistance in creating a migration plan for your organisation to ensure the whole process is simple and hassle-free.

What sort of businesses use cloud?

Taking the benefits listed, most organisations that migrate their servers to the cloud do so ultimately because they strive for ease and efficiency of operation and costs.

It is worth speaking to an STL Cloud Compute expert if you are a:

– Small or medium-sized business that currently does not use an in-house IT solution (no servers, no web server or no PBX system)
– Business that currently has in-house servers but may choose to switch to hosted servers when it becomes time to upgrade your infrastructure
– Small or medium-sized business that already uses some form of cloud services and may need new and expanded cloud offerings

Phil Donigan, STL’s Sales Director adds, “We have simplified the buying options for Cloud Compute to make it an attractive proposition for small and medium-sized businesses. Simplicity is the key and we can look after everything from configuration to increasing capacity at any time.”

Contact STL to find out more about Cloud Compute on 01993 777120 or email

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