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Connecting Oxfordshire

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We’re Connecting Oxfordshire!

We’re very excited to give you some news. This news could potentially help you and your business become even more efficient and here’s how.

We’re partnered with a fibre network that is now expanding throughout the UK and when finished, will be the largest wholesale network in the country!

So what?

How does this help you you ask? It means we can now provide you with a broadband and data connection that is not only the cheapest price in the area but it is the cheapest price in the area for the fastest speeds in the area. If you already have a leased line connection this could mean doubling your speeds for half the price!

A what?

“What’s a leased line?” A leased line is an uncontended line that is dedicated to you and your business alone. A good analogy I was told was that it’s like a motorway. Normally you’d have to share that motorway with other people which, as the M25 demonstrates perfectly, reduces speeds and becomes very difficult for data to travel. However, uncontended, dedicated fibre provides you with a motorway all for yourself. The speed never changes, it never moves and it’s all. For. YOU!

How fast is it though?

“That sounds fantastic! Just so we’re clear though, how fast is a leased line?” I’m glad you asked. A leased line can provide you with as much or as little as you want. Generally anywhere from 10Mb/100Mb up to 1Gb/1Gb with a 1Gb bearer depending on what your company needs.

If you need a faster connection higher speeds can be achieved with the possibility of 1Gb/10Gb all the way up to 10Gb/10Gb with a 10Gb bearer.

Sounds like a bit too much for me…

Don’t think you’ll need an uncontended leased line? Not a problem. We can provide you with other broadband and data communications services such as: FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet), EFM (Ethernet First Mile) or even ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line).

For more information on the broadband and data services we can provide you with call us on 01993 777199 or email

Or take a look at our map.

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