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The benefits of leasing your phone system

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The benefits of leasing your phone system

Could leasing a phone system be a better financial option than buying it outright? Every business needs a phone system, from start-ups to established organisations, and having the right communication solutions will enable your business to operate in an efficient and effective way.

But with the world of telecoms constantly changing and new technology evolving, how can a small business afford to have the latest communication solutions? To purchase a new phone system often requires a large upfront cost which may put smaller businesses off investing into a new system that can help them to communicate better with customers.

Why lease?

Leasing provides a cost effective method of acquiring a new phone system. A lease spreads the cost of the telephone equipment out over a set period of time, often 36 months, rather than paying one large sum. Regular monthly payments make it easy for smaller firms to budget for a new phone system.

Leasing hosted

The good news is that leasing no longer just applies to the purchase of a new PBX telephone system. STL Communications can now offer a hosted system on a leased basis, helping to spread the cost of the set up and the handsets over time. With a hosted or VoIP system users pay per seat/person per month, so you only use what you need, with the ability to increase or decrease seats. The flexible leasing arrangement covers the cost of the VoIP handsets which can start from around £100 per desktop handset.

Latest telecoms technology

Leasing a telephone system ensures that smaller businesses are able to get the most suitable telephone system for their needs to allow them to operate as well as they possibly can. With the ability to lease a hosted system too, smaller businesses are  now able to use the best solution for their communications even if they cannot afford to pay upfront for everything, The monthly payments spread the cost over a 1, 2 or 3 year period, meaning that they can enjoy the very latest telecoms technology today.

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