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Why moving office is a catalyst for a comms review

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Moving Office?

There are so many things to think about when a firm is moving office and advance planning is crucial to make sure that everything is ready for when you move in. Often a move is the catalyst for deciding to review your telephone system and it makes sense to take the time to fully understand your requirements for voice and data, whether that means looking at a new system, moving to the cloud or migrating your existing system to your new premises by installing cabling and broadband ready for you to move in.

New or existing telephone system

Most companies use moving office as a good time to evaluate whether their current telephone system will meet future requirements, both physically and technically. There is little point in moving an old system when you might need a new one in the next year or so. You also need to consider if your existing system operates as you now work as an organisation for example does it support remote workers, call forwarding, computer telephony, voicemail and direct dial?

What are the merits of moving your old system against the installation of a new one and what is the cost of the moving of your existing system? Do you want to budget and pay per seat per month rather than having a huge capital expenditure?

Hosted telephony

Now might be the time to take the plunge and go hosted or move your voice to the cloud, which will also facilitate more flexible working practices – and might mean that you need less office space! Hosted telephony also gives you a Disaster Recovery option if anything should prevent you from getting in to the office as well as lots of green benefits. You also only pay for what you are using at this moment, on a per seat, per month basis which might help with budgeting post move.

Voice and data cabling

It’s important that there is no interruption to your business and that you are able to get your business up and running again as soon as you’re in your new office. Any good telecoms supplier will have an expert installation team who will do a site survey of your new office so that cabling can be installed prior to moving day according to the layout of your office. It’s then just a simple case of connecting your equipment.

New v existing numbers

When moving office you can almost always keep your existing telephone number without any expensive diverts which makes life easier for your customers as they don’t have to re-programme their phones with your new telephone number. You can have a local number even if you don’t have an office in the area, which could be useful if you wish to retain a local presence in the area you’re moving out of. You can even have a non-geographic 0800 numbers if you prefer.

High speed business broadband

Connectivity is the key to good communications. With the amount of business conducted over the internet from voice to data, email and websites, it’s vitally important that your business has a solid, high-speed broadband link installed in your new office.

With the correct planning, your supplier will be able to provision the best broadband package for your needs and have it available for use on your moving day. However, note that it can take a good few weeks for the provisioning, ordering and installation, so it is important not to leave it too late or you could be moving in without any email or internet connection.

Moving office soon?

Find out what we can do to help your move be as efficient as possible
If you would like someone with the communications experience to guide you through the complex issues of moving office and to make sure that you can continue to communicate from the very first day in your new offices, then give STL a call on 01993 777120 or email

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