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5 tips to prevent phone fraud

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With dial through phone fraud or PBX fraud on the increase, businesses and organisations are at risk of having to pay high telephone bills for calls that they did not make. The fraudsters hack voicemail passwords to gain access to a telephone system and then make international calls to premium numbers, often running up bills of hundreds of pounds over a weekend when the business is closed.

So, how can businesses prevent phone fraud happening to them?

Here are our 5 top tips:

  1. Change all passwords from the default and then update them regularly. Make sure staff do not use very obvious or easy to remember passwords which are very hackable by experienced criminals.
  2. Change the passwords on any unused mailboxes and on spare extensions ie handsets sitting on desks of former employees who have since left.
  3. Limit who can make international calls and consider placing a bar on lines that do not need to call international numbers. The same applies to limiting access to premium lines. This will stop the criminals being about to call out from that extension.
  4. Place a block on out of hours calls or calls during night time or over the weekend. This is the main time that phone hackers are likely to hit your system.
  5. Review PBX call logging and reports regularly to spot any increase in call volumes or calls to suspicious destinations. Look out for unusual call patterns.

Businesses are encouraged to ensure that they know how their telephone system and its security works. In addition, STL offers all its customers protection against telephone fraud though SafetyNet.

STL SafetyNet protects businesses against telephone fraud firstly by reducing the likelihood of a system breach and then by capping the amount businesses are liable for if they are hacked. STL monitors call activity on a daily basis to look for call profiles that do not fit an organisation’s normal business caller profile. This could include calls to certain countries, longer than usual call length or calls made at unusual times like at night or weekends.  When irregular activity is detected, STL automatically cuts off the line and alerts businesses to the situation.

For unlucky businesses that are hacked, STL SafetyNet has a monetary threshold for calls so that an organisation’s liability is limited to just £150, regardless of how much the fraudsters have run up on the telephone bill.

For complete peace of mind, find out more about STL SafetyNet now. Call 01993 777120 or email

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