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Loving the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is ‘strikingly beautiful’ according to STL’s sales director Philip Donigan

He might be a little biased, but our sales director Phil Donigan is over the moon with his new Samsung

Galaxy S6 Edge. As Samsung Platinum Partners, STL staff have always used Samsung mobile handsets but according to Phil, this new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is something different.

Let’s start with looks. According to Phil, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is ‘strikingly beautiful’.  Its sleek lines and dual curved display combine to make it a thing of beauty whatever colour it is. Phil has the silver back, but with the curved edges, the screen seems to spill over, rather like an infinity pool.

It is this edge screen that makes the handset so user friendly to busy business people in particular. The S6 Edge has a small translucent tab at the top of the screen which can be slid out to access the users 5 favourite contacts to call them, send an SMS message or an email. These 5 contacts can be colour coded, so when those contacts call the phone flashes in that particular colour to visually alert the user as to who is calling when the phone is face down. What’s more, if the user is unable to take the call, they just put their finger on the rear heart-rate monitor to send a text message to explain why. Clever!

Finally, the edge screen also doubles as a clock by displaying the time. Even with the phone in sleep mode, a simple swipe will illuminate the edge screen and a digital clock will appear.

So, what is Phil’s verdict?  “I’ve been a user of Samsung phones for many years but this is by far and away the best handset they have produced. I’ve certainly had lots of comments about its sleek styling and I love the way the edge screen lets me know who’s calling when I’m in meetings.”

To find out more about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, call our mobile sales team on 01993 777100 or email

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