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Telephones for medical centres

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STL can help medical practices to better manage communication between your patients and healthcare professionals to help your practice become more efficient, more effective and save costs too. This often incudes integration of the CRM system with the telephone system so that patient records pop up on screen when a call comes in, enabling staff to provide a more informed service.

With the increasing popularity of telephone triage, telephone calls often need to be recorded for regulatory compliance as well as for the training and monitoring of staff. Recordings of inbound and outbound calls to prove ‘who said what’ can be automatically tied to the patient’s record in the CRM system.

STL Communications is now listed as a supplier on Practice Index to inform medical practices about the benefits of our specialist services for healthcare. As an active supplier of communications solutions to the medical sector, STL helps a growing number of GP practices and medical centres to find the best telephone solutions for their needs.

Practice Index is a unique website for GP Practice Managers to find reliable and trusted suppliers with reviews and feedback from existing customers. See the STL page here or contact our healthcare team on 01993 777120 or

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