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ISDN v SIP: 3 reasons why SIP is better than ISDN

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ISDN v SIP: 3 reasons why SIP is better than ISDN

When a business outgrows its current telecommunications solution, it makes sense to review the latest options and technologies. For years, ISDN has been the main form of voice connectivity but STL has found that increasingly small and medium sized business users and multi-site organisations are turning to SIP. Why? Because SIP offers more flexibility, reliability and better value for money than ISDN.

SIP trunking enables a business to easily scale up or reduce the number of channels that they require. This means that rather than having lots of channels to meet peak capacity, businesses can react to fluctuations like seasonal demand or an increase, or decrease, in staff. It is also more flexible in terms of what telephone numbers users can have and where they can have them. Numbers are virtual so stay with a firm or an employee wherever they are making remote working easier.

Fact. SIP trunking can greatly improve business continuity because SIP delivers complete independence with regard to location. This offers a robust business continuity service that ensures a business never loses calls even if it cannot access its premises. In addition, SIP is normally delivered over broadband Ethernet, which comes with better service levels than traditional ISDN lines.

Value for money
Compared to ISDN, SIP is cheaper on a per channel basis especially when considered together with the SIP trunking costs for call charges and setup. Multi-site businesses can see significant savings from SIP trunking through internal call cost savings due to calls between branches being on-net. In fact, many suppliers like STL deliver SIP with inclusive call package so businesses can enjoy free calls. The other benefit to multi-site organisations is that they can replace multiple ISDN lines with a centralised SIP trunk and aggregate their SIP channels.

So, ISDN V SIP? If you want to know more about moving from ISDN to SIP and the benefits it can bring to your organisation, Call our sales team on 01993 777120 or Email

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