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The easiest way to move to IP telephony is to replace traditional ISDN telephone lines with Session Initiation Protocol or SIP trunk lines. SIP based services offer a secure, totally reliable way to make high quality business telephone calls over a data connection. SIP trunks provide ultra-competitive call and rental rates combined with inherent disaster recovery and resilience benefits.

Traditional ISDN services are expensive, inflexible and will soon be unavailable when BT switches off the service in 2025. STL is able to provide you with significant cost savings on your line rental charges with SIP and in most cases calls to land lines and mobiles will be free of charge.

To learn more about the ISDN switch off read our blog.

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Benefits of SIP trunking

SIP lines and technology provide voice services for the business market with some exciting benefits:

Numbers anywhere: SIP removes geographic boundaries so you could, for instance, have a London number that rings directly in Oxford without expensive call divert charges and you can take your business number with you wherever you are in the UK.

Instant Divert: Instantly divert any number or direct line to a different destination as part of your business continuity plan.

Flexibility: Increase or decrease the number of SIP lines you have within minutes, ideal if you have a workforce that grows or shrinks or if you use seasonal staff.

Cost: Save up to 70% on line rental and reduce your call costs.

Read Samsung’s ‘Why go IP’ for a summary of the benefits to more efficient working with IP telephony.

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