Business continuity studies have shown that up to 80% of businesses affected by a major incident never re-open or close within 18 months (source: AXA). Firms that plan for disaster recovery stand a greater chance of survival in the event of an incident that prevents them accessing their premises, and with communications playing a key role in any organisation it pays to plan.

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Could your business continue operating in the event of a disaster?

Snow….. Floods…..Fire…..Power cuts…..Ash clouds…..Terrorist attacks


“It will never happen to our business….” but if it does, how prepared are you?

Apart from the physical consequences of no office, how would your business cope if there were:

  • No phones
  • No internet
  • No email
  • No voicemail
  • No CRM/database

How would this affect your customers – your suppliers, your staff…..your business?

The weak link is your site – technology that ‘lives’ on premises is a major disruption risk if your site is affected, but comms services don’t need to be office based. The fixed telephone system and the server can now live in ‘the cloud’ and not in your office – they can be virtual, which means they are accessible from anywhere globally via a data connection such as a laptop or smart phone. With cloud based communications a fire or flood that denies you access to your office, no longer stop you working.

STL has experience in providing Cloud Disaster Recovery for voice and data for business continuity if there is an issue with premises or on-site equipment. Telephony equipment and data can be located off-site and is accessible from anywhere, guaranteeing resilience - no central point of failure.

Apart from the immediate disaster recovery benefits, cloud telephony is a cost effective alternative to a traditional fixed telephone system. Virtual telephony is rented monthly on a fixed cost per seat basis, with inclusive calls if required, to  provide complete flexibility on a month to month basis dependant on the number of users, thus removing any capital expenditure.

Cloud telephony opens up new options and real benefits including diverting, failover, inbound call profiles that are all very expensive to achieve traditionally. And with web based control it enables live changes even from a phone App.

So, if you wake up one morning to a metre of snow and no one can get to work, simply press the activate DR plan on your mobile or laptop and all your in-coming calls will be automatically diverted so that your customers can still contact you, you can continue to take orders and run your business……..from wherever you or your staff happen to be.
GreenMinutes is the perfect telephony supplier for Cannon Packing and Logistics as we support and reinforce partnerships with those that can demonstrate a strong commitment to protecting
our environment.

Cannon Packing & Logistics

With STL and Samsung as partners, Force India F1 will be able to greatly improve the remote communication capabilities for all personnel – factory based and
travelling – whilst saving
costs and improving

Force India F1

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