Call Management Systems & Software


  • Where are your callers ringing from?
  • How long does it take your staff to answer calls?
  • How long is spent on each call?
  • How many calls is your business missing?
  • What are your busy periods?

Call management helps you to understand your calling patterns so that you can work smarter and save costs.

Call management

The performance of your telephone system is key to your efficiency and productivity – whatever the size of your organisation. With STL, you can benefit from real-time call management statistics and analysis, so you can maximise performance and minimise cost. Our call management solutions are also especially useful if you need to achieve compliance targets and publish your time-to-answer statistics.


Call management can provide the answer to questions such as: Are your staff handling calls effectively, maximising customer service levels? And are you using the most cost-efficient carrier for your calls? STL’s call management  will help you to monitor how your incoming calls are handled. You can examine the time to answer any call. Outgoing calls from any extension or department can be listed and costed too.


Oak and Braxtel call management solutions

Using call management technology from our vendor partners, Oak Telecom and Braxtel we can provide an accurate inbound and outbound call pattern analysis helping you to determine the efficiency of your staff.


STL is now able to provide inbound call management solutions on a hosted or “in the cloud” basis.



With STL and Samsung as partners, Force India F1 will be able to greatly improve the remote communication capabilities for all personnel – factory based and
travelling – whilst saving
costs and improving

Force India F1

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